Mark Gimein

Mark Gimein

New York-based editor

I edit features at the Village Voice: politics, essays, offbeat characters, the works. Before that, I edited finance + more for Sometimes I write at |

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Pierre article
The Village Voice

Escape to New York | Village Voice

Refugees from war and violence struggle to make it in New York
by Sulome Anderson

Editor: Mark Gimein

Towerfountain article
The Village Voice

Smoke And Mirrors: Sixteen Views of Trump's Glittering Fifth Avenue Dream

Photo portfolio with photos by Andrew Lichtenstein and essay by Amy Waldman. A Village Voice cover.

Editor: Mark Gimein

Adamhall2 article
The Village Voice

Dying in Solitary

Adam Hall Tried to Kill Himself in Prison. And Got Six More Years

by James Ridgeway and Katie Rose Quandt

Editor: Mark Gimein

Romantrump article
The Village Voice

The Romans Tried to Save the Republic From Men Like Trump. They Failed

by Joy Connolly

Editor: Mark Gimein; 13,000+ shares

Sovietjews745 article
The Village Voice

Once, the U.S. Fought to Take In Refugees Like Me | Village Voice

Six or seven years after my parents and I arrived as refugees from the Soviet Union — it would have been the early 1980s ...

Harlemsquare article
The Village Voice

Running From, and Back To, Ralph Ellison's Harlem | Village Voice

by Selin Thomas

Editor: Mark Gimein

Berniesquare article
The Village Voice

Bernie the Musical

A Bernie Sanders Musical Takes the Revolution From Park Slope to Burlingon

Village Voice cover story by Michael Appler

Editor: Mark Gimein

Dietlanddicaprio article
The Village Voice

The Cage Match Candidate

Bo Dietl's done Fox News and Mar-a-Lago. Now he wans to be mayor.
by Jared Keller

Editor: Mark Gimein

Lynching article
The Village Voice

Lynching's Long Shadow | Village Voice

Texas, Trump, and the GOP by Cynthia Bond

Editor: Mark Gimein

Msmarvelimage article
The Village Voice

Ms. Marvel Will Save You Now | Village Voice

Village Voice cover story by Mallika Rao

Editor: Mark Gimein

Trumpsamericacover article
The Village Voice

Trump's America

A pre-election Village Voice cover package looking at the potential dystopia ahead. [PDF]